Brighter And More Colourful Veggies For Better Health

Brighter And More Colourful Veggies For Better Health

Green and leafy vegetables are widely known for their nutritional benefits. Then again, you should not disregard other vegetables with different colours as they can also provide you with essential nutrients that you need to keep your mind and body in perfect condition. Here are other colours of veggies that you should consider putting in your diet.

Reds, such as tomatoes, usually contain a lot of anitoxidants that absorb free radicals to prevent arterial damage. In addition, tomatoes also have lycopene, which helps prevent certain cancers. White ones like garlic and cauliflower can help fight off cholesterol and cancer. Purple vegetables uphold your overall wellness through a number of different mechanisms. Orange veggies significantly boost the sharpness of your eyes and even your mind. Lastly, yellow ones are excellent in improving your immune system, making you more resistant to common diseases.

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