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Cheryl - Massage TherapistCheryl

Contact Hours:

Monday 9am – 10am, 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Tuesday 9am – 10am, 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Friday 9am – 10am
Saturday 8am and 9am

Cheryl has had a passion for massage techniques and has been involved in massage for over 29 years. Cheryl is an intuitive, skilled, confident woman. She has been married for 28years and they have 6 children. She has lived locally on the coast for 25 years, initially she attended private massage school for certificate level Swedish in Sydney’ working with swedish massage.

When Cheryl and her family moved to Queensland, she studied diploma level with The Natural Therapies Association in applied kinesiology and eastern massage therapies involving meridians,
chi energy flow balancing, shiatsu and reflexology.

Over the years she has expanded her diploma skill with Australian College of Sports Therapy through Q Acadamy to include evidence based remedial massage techniques like orthopaedic
testing and postural analysis, trigger point, deep, myofascial release, therapeutic stretches and exercises, muscle energy technique, positional release therapy and mobilisations. Currently studying, by the end of next year she begins another chapter of betterment to help her clients as she takes yet another qualification on board as a Myotherapist.

She has worked in various gyms, chiropractors and with a natural therapists and attributes her success to her love of the work and her honest desire to do all she can to help her clients receive a successful outcome.

” I achieve a high rate of success with mostly all of my clients for the simple reason that I care, I
really do all I can with my skill set to help them resolve their pain or ongoing imbalances. When I
explain the benefits to them of REGULAR massage therapy, and through them coming to see me
often , they see what great benefit massage is in pain management, stopping imbalances and
dysfunction before they have time to become chronic, they want one as often as they can.”


Shin splints are what I have been suffering for over a year now, I haven’t even been able to stretch, walking was painful and pain even prevented me from having a good nights sleep. I felt overwhelmed that I was going to stay this way forever. Cheryl has given me a new lease on life and helped me believe in full recovery, after my first visit I have been able to sleep through the night, something I haven’t been able to do a long time, with each visit I have less and less pain,I can’t believe the progress by my 3rd visit on the second week, I could fully stretch my shins out and it was not painful but felt good I ended up going twice a week for 3 weeks and I feel so much better I have even started exercising again, something I just could’nt do before. I now regularly go to Cheryl once a month and look forward to it. – Cara N.