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Back Pain

Back Pain



Natural Solutions for Depression Part 1

Natural Solutions for Depression Part 2


Hidden Causes of Headache

Headaches: The Spinal Connection

Holiday and Travel Tips

Holiday and Travel Tips

Neck Issues

Neck Issues

Neck Injuries and Health



The Lessor  Known Effects of Back Pain

Core Strenth, Posture and Back Pain

The Chiropractic Solution to Mid Back Pain

Back Pain in Seniors The Chiropractic Solution

Psychological Factors and Back Pain

Shoulder Pain, The Spinal Connection

Chiropractic Solution for Sciatica

Natural Solutions Part 1

Exercise and Depression

Dangers of Medication of Children and Teenagers

Natural Solutions Part 2

Things to consider before AntiDepressents

Hidden Causes of Headache

Drug Free Headache Prevention

Medication Overuse for Headache

Vacation for the Health of It

Celebrate Without Stress

Love Your Liver

Preventing Skin Cancer

Ten Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress

What You Should Know About Automobile Air Bags

Jet Lag Drag

Health Tips for Air Travellers

Are You and Your Car a Perfect Fit

Don’t Let Computer Use Be a Pain in the Neck

Conditions that may be caused by Upper Neck Injuries

Hidden Injuries from Automobile Collisions

Whiplash and Jaw Problems

Stress Busting Food

Can Chiropractic Adjustments Improve Well Being

Stress and Health

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2017 March

Junk Food

Neck Injuries



2017 February

Bed Rest




Wellness Care

2017 January

Control Anger

Psychosocial Factors

Eat Well


2016 December

Eat Nuts


Understanding Your Spine


2016 November

Ear Infections

Get Spicy


Autonomic Nervous System Part I

Autonomic Nervous System Part II

2016 October


Chiropractic and Your Neck



2016 September

Prevent Falls


Stress and Back Pain

Core Strength

2016 August



Fight Inflammation

Tablet Ergonomics

Rock Climbing

2016 July

Vitamin D

Stop Snoring

Meditate for Wellness


2016 June

Chiropractic and Colic

TV and Food

Back Pain Medication

Summertime Tips

Why Choose Chiropractic?

2016 May

Prevent Vision Loss

Natural First Aid

Successful Workplace

Power of Peppermint

Neck Injuries and Health

2016 April

Gut Brain Axis


Earth Day

Natural Birth

2016 March

Pain Killers

Depression Part 1

Depression Part 2

Loosing Weight

Kids TMD

2016 February

Chiropractic Savings


Snacking on Seeds


2016 January

Chiropractic and COPD

Dangers of Household Cleaners


Lasting Wellness

2015 December

Healthy Holiday Part 1

Healthy Holiday Part 2

Chiropractic Safe for Babies and Kids

Dangers of High Cholesterol Medications

The Chiropractic Solution for Migraines

2015 November

Health And Spirituality

Back Pain May Be in Your Genes

A Natural Approach To Childhood Eczema

Nine Disorders Linked to Pesticides

2015 October

Tips for Safe Lifting

Drug-Free PMS Relief

The Awesome Agave

What Is Facet Syndrome?

2015 September

OHU Fathers Day 2015 Sept

Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Egg-cellent News About Eggs

Are Headaches Affecting Your Childs Academic Performance

What Do Symptoms Really Mean Part I – Spinal & Musculoskeletal Disorders

What Do Symptoms Really Mean Part II Internal Disorders

2015 August

Have You Done Your Brain Exercises Today

Could You Be Addicted to Junk Food

Chiropractic Care for Fertility Problems

Posture Perfect Pain Prevention