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Why Toss The Trampoline?

Why Toss The Trampoline?

The outdoors often translate to all sorts of fun things. From the more traditional ball, bat, and sprinkler, to the more dynamic skateboards, scooters. And of course, the infamous trampoline.

While all these gears could, in fact, make the outdoors more fun, your Gold Coast Chiropractor  at Hinterland Chiropractic worries that these same gears also make the outdoors significantly more dangerous, especially to your children.

The Dangers Of The Trampoline

Despite being a culprit to thousands and thousands of accidents yearly, trampolines continue to pop up in backyards across the country and around the world.

To see an evident proof of its many dangers, all you have to do is turn your television on and tune into just about any television program that features “funny home videos.” Chances are that you would come across a video clip that features someone falling off at the edge of the trampoline.

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