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Most Common Lifting Mistakes and Effective Lifting Tips

Most Common Lifting Mistakes and Effective Lifting Tips - Gold Coast dentist

One of the most known causes of back pain is improper lifting. Back pain is a common complaint among patients who seek help from their chiropractors. Instances like moving the couch down the stairs then something popped, or bending down to pick up your child and your back suddenly hurts are just some of the scenarios that can trigger an aching back, and worse, may prevent you from doing normal activities for a long time.

These injuries can be avoided if people recognise and apply the basic principles of lifting such as planning ahead before you lift, picking up the load close to your body, bending your knees and keeping your back straight and lifting the load with your legs. If you feel you are straining, get help immediately. Before discussing the five useful lifting tips, let’s first list the common mistakes of lifting most people make.

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